Building relationships through honesty & hardwork

Our customers have so many great things to say about Frontgate Construction Services Group...

"Jim is a rock star in the remodeling world. Great to work with, exceptional at his craft, and an honest, get down to business kind of guy. He knows how to get the most out of any budget. And above all, you can trust him. We will call on him again without hesitation. Thanks again for our beautiful master bath, Jim, Erik, Jon, Matt & Dennis! A happy wife is a happy life." — T. Donahoe
"Dear Erik & Jim, thanks for all you do for us so very well. Wear so glad you came into our lives. Have a wonderful Happy New Year!" — S. & T. Sullivan
"What more can I say other than I love my new stamp room!!! It couldn't be more perfect. The guys did such a great job!!! Thank you again I will spend many hours enjoying it." — R. Hicks
"Erik and Jim of Frontgate Construction provided us the most ideal combination of professional business practices and hands-on workmanship when rebuilding our kitchen. From the initial consultation to the final details of construction, they delivered a superior product, satisfying us beyond our expectations. Their ability to communicate and understand our specific requests and concerns coupled with their passion for the profession, yielded a beautiful testimony to their dedication to please their customer.

Erik and Jim are honest and fair professionals, eager to complete their work in a timely and precise manner. Their dependable approach to the work is very reassuring to the homeowner. Being on time and working constantly at the job, even after hours to research our secure materials, is an additional attribute to an already focused contractor.

We were very comfortable having Frontgate's crew in our home. Their crew can be trusted to respect the home owner's property as well as their privacy. By the time the kitchen was completed we felt they were "family"! We are extremely pleased with the work they did and are very proud to tell others about Frontgate Construction and our beautiful kitchen." — T. Alberts
"Dear Erik, Words fail me- you have given me everything I wanted for the house and more. You are truly an artisan and an artist, an I am truly grateful for all you've done for me. Even more, I appreciate the many kindnesses you , Jim and the crew have shown me. I consider you as a friend and you have my gratitude and esteem. Thanks a million!" — J.
"You and your team invaded my house at 8:00 a.m. every day. Knocked down walls and ceilings, pulled out electrical wires, subjected me to sawdust, plaster dust, ladders in the living room and dumpster in the driveway. So the question is: Why do i like these guys so much? Maybe it's because, after you put back the walls and the electrics, cleaned up the dust, and took away the ladders and dumpsters, I ended up with the house of my dreams. You have done a superb job of renovating my home, and I can't thank you guys enough! Maybe my liking for you and the team is also because of the following: 1. You were careful of and kind to my cats. I know this wasn't always easy (they have teeth and claws, and know how to use them), but it was of the highest priority for me, and you never forgot it. 2. Your craftsmanship and attention to the tiniest detail shine through every decision made during the renovation. You were always thinking on your feet, an coming up with suggestions to improve the design and/or save me money. That being said, you always made it clear that the final decision was mine. You made me feel like a partner. 3. You stayed on budget. Sure, there were deviations, but they were caused by me deciding to upgrade, or by conditions that (as you warned me) couldn't be seen until you pulled down the walls. 4. You and all the guys were a delight to have around the house. All of you were polite and cheerful and mindful of my privacy and comfort. I don't think I've ever met a nicer bunch of fellows in my life. I never though I would say this about living through a renovation, but you made it fun. A the end of the day, I can honestly say that I consider all of you to be my friends. My sincerest thanks for a great job, for the fun and for the friendship. Very best regards." — J. Cullen